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Statistics is extracting meaning from the data. It is the technique to understand the relationship between the data. It involves the collection of data and information. The data is collected through the number of ways like-survey, questionnaire, feedback forms etc. Statistics involves the collecting, analyzing, interpreting, presenting and organizing the data in the form of the table, chart, pie diagram, graphs etc. It helps in knowing the population, birth and death rate etc. Statistics has a great use in day to day life of the people. Statistics help in planning and monitoring the medical health care of the community. The statistics must be collected in a systematic way because if it’s collected in a haphazard manner the results will not be reliable and will give the misleading conclusion. The conclusion must always be based on accurate figures. Statistics helps in determining the sale of the product on a number of factors like price, quality, quantity, and income of the consumer, competition etc. It helps in organizing the large data and allows the reader to conclude the things easily. Statistics is very useful in the industrial field as well. It helps them to know the customer wants, develop design and specifications, market research, packaging, production and shipping, sales and complaints.
All the students experience the problem with statistics. They have the fear of failure when the statistics exam is approaching near. Due to this fear, they tend to fail in the exam and lack behind in the class. Due to heavy reasoning and mathematical concepts in the subject, they find it difficult to cope up with the subject. Poor memory in reasoning the formulas and derivations is also the major issue. Heavy workload and lack help from professors sometimes lower down the morale of the pupil. Due to these situations, pupil suffers stress and depression. Lastly, they are not able to manage their time properly.
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