Dissertation writing involves either practical and theoretical approach or both. The examiner may expect the student to provide more of a practical outlook to his dissertation rather than the theoretical. However, any practical research requires a solid theoretical base; therefore you need to perfect yourself in both the approaches and the experts from dissertation writing services can be your mentors. The approach on which you choose to draft your dissertation highly depends on the topic selected. The dissertation is affected by many factors and you can ensure the marks by identifying the type of dissertation that your topic demands or the format as instructed by your professor. MYDISSERTATIONWRITINGSERVICE.COM attempts to acquaint the dissertation writers with the different types of the dissertation that he might have to write. Knowing everything about the dissertation before sitting to write is the best dissertation help that anyone can have.

  • Empirical dissertation: The empirical dissertation compels the writer to collect data. The format of writing the dissertation is the same:
    • Abstract,
    • Introduction,
    • Methodology,
    • Analysis,
    • Discussion,
    • Conclusion, and
    • References.

    The data can be collected and assembled by the writer in various forms like questionnaires, interviews, and analysis.

  • Non-empirical dissertation: The choice of approaching the dissertation in a non-empirical way is a challenge as the writer should have the skill and the ability to sustain an argument over the length of the paper. The writer who enjoys spending his hours amongst books should take up the non-empirical dissertation. The format of a literature-based dissertation is as follow:
    • Summary,,
    • Introduction,
    • Research methods,
    • Literature review,
    • Discussion,
    • Conclusion, and
    • References.

    The dissertation of the non-empirical nature is completely theoretical and the writer will have to spend most of his time in a library or behind his books at any place.

  • Narrative dissertation: the common types of the dissertation that the university asks its students to present are the empirical and non-empirical dissertation. However, the student might come across a university that may ask him to produce a narrative dissertation. The format is the same as that of the empirical and non-empirical dissertation but the main spotlight is on the research method section.

Dissertations can be written on any subject therefore, the students who did not take up English as their subject cannot escape from writing the dissertation. Every dissertation is a teaching in disguise to improve the writing skill of the student and prepare him to work in the field of research at any point in time. The students need to have faith in their ability to explore and write if they want the dissertation to reflect the dedication with which they drafted it. Help for dissertation writing can be hired from essay writing services that will acquaint the writers with the dissertations that they wish to write and excel in their academics. Contact MYDISSERTATIONWRITINGSERVICE.COM for an in-depth knowledge of the dissertation world.


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